verona is best known to the world as the setting of shakespeare's romeo and juliet. however, in the tile realm, when we speak of verona, italy. we speak of marble (‘marmi’ in italian). verona has become the heart of the marble world developing this distinction since the roman era and is now the gathering place for marble and stone industrialists from around the globe who meet annually to showcase their offerings.

when creating our italian line of terrazzo - we wanted to celebrate this verona by creating terrazzo truest to its history- an italian surface confection of broken bits of stone held in a bed of mortar. we consider our verona collection to be the "essential" terrazzo, formed around a larger aggregate inspired by the most classic of italian stones- botticino (beige marble), verdi alpi (green marble) and rosa perlato (rust marble). verano terrazzo will be available in both tile and slab form later in the year. in the meantime we have made a limited edition of verona mouse available in slab form (as seen in image).

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verona terrazzo - coming soon

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