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How To Order Samples

if a sample is not in stock we can assure you that our artisans are working hard to make more. our tiles are handmade, so we ask that you have patience with your sample coming back in stock. it will be worth the wait - we promise!

the good news is that ordering samples from the website is super easy!

  • 1) find the product you are interested in and click on it
  • 2) on the right hand side you will see a "request sample" button
  • 3) put the sample in your cart and check out! your clé samples will be on their way in 3-7 business days. we do have shipping options if you require expedited shipping. 


How do i order color chips?

We do offer color chips. if you go to our solid colors collection and click on the color you want, you will be able to request a sample like any other product. please advise that our color samples are 2X2 and not all color samples are in stock at all times.

I would like to order multiple samples of the same tile and it won't let me change the quantity

If you would like multiple samples of the same tile you will need to add them to your cart individually. please note that we have limits on the amount of samples you can order. it varies from tile to tile.

I tried to put a sample order in my cart and a pop up came up that said, "sample tile orders cannot contain regular tile items at the same time." What do i do?

Our website currently does not allow for clients to order samples and place a regular tile order at the same time. if you try to add samples when you have a regular tile order in your cart a grey box will pop up that says, "sample tile orders cannot contain regular tile items at the same time." before you will be able to place your sample order, you will need to either purchase your regular tile order, or remove the regular tile order from your cart and place your sample order.

The sample i want is not in stock. can I special order it?

Of course! simply click on the "custom inquiry" link below the "add to cart button" - let us know the sample you would like and we will respond within 48 hours.

I cannot find the "request a sample" button. Where is it?

sometimes the button doesn't show up. we assure you we are working to fix it and in the meantime please fill out the "custom inquiry" form and a clé representative will get back to you.

Do you offer trade discounts?

Yes, join our trade concierge program for more details.