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Product Type - CHINOISERIE

chinoiserie is a clé collaboration inspired by the 17th and 18th century french paintings depicting imaginary chinese scenery. using fine china paints to masterfully depict every stroke and detail of these whimsical motifs, clé has collaborated with authentic chinoiserie artisans and their seemingly endless catalog of flora and fauna as well as provincial and dynastic scenes.

this collaboration is a bespoke service from clé which has been created to transform large chinoiserie panels (up to 3 feet x 6.5 feet in size) into fine porcelain scenes of you and your designer's chinoiserie visions.

useful in all area's that standard wall-coverings are challenged; kitchens, baths, exteriors, showers, fireplaces etc. chinoiserie is a stand out collection for spaces aspiring to the elegance created by traditional silk painted chinoiserie scenes, but requiring the function of delicate, yet long wearing porcelain. in order to create your porcelain wall-covering we will need the following selections from you to start your design: color palette, theme & size. our artists will work with your visual elements to craft your very own chinoiserie masterpiece.


How much is chinoiserie
The base price for chinoiserie is $295 per square ft. Each tile order is completely custom so the price will vary greatly.

Is there a minimum order requirement for chinoiserie?
Due to the fact that chinoiserie is a custom product, please inquire about minimum order requirements.

What is the maximum size panel?
3 feet x 6.5 feet.

Why can't I get a larger panel?
Chinoiserie is made by artisans in China and we cannot safely ship larger panels.

What are my color options?
Our suggested colors are Absinthe green, Serenity blue, Kingfisher, Winterberry red, Poached pear, Washed ink, Dusk, 24k platinum, 24k gold
* we are also able to provide custom colors.

Can I use my own image?
Yes. We have an artist that can customize imagery for you, but we do not do portraiture. There is an additional fee for artwork.

Do I need a designer?
We highly recommend working with a designer, but it is not required.

Can I use these tiles instead of wallpaper?
Chinoiserie tile can be used anywhere you would normally use tile. It is an extremely luxe product and its important to note that it was created so that you could install chinoiserie in places that you are not able to use chinoiserie wallpaper due to moisture or heat.

How much is a sample?
Chinoiserie samples are $50. If you are trade please join our TRACE CONCIERGE PROGRAM to get trade pricing.

How long does it take to get my tiles?
The production time takes , but this is a custom product so the design and final product approval will take additional time.

Where do you recommend installing these tiles?
We recommend installing chinoiserie tile anywhere where chinoiserie wallpaper cannot be used. For instance: kitchen backsplash, fireplace, bathroom, and exteriors.

What color grout should I use?
We recommend using medium grey. If installed correctly the grout lines will be very small so a neutral color is recommended.

How do I clean chinoiserie?
Chinoiserie is glazed porcelain so simply wiping it with a damp cloth is sufficient.