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product line - fornace brioni acanti

fornace brioni features an extraordinary collection of both traditional terracotta and glazed ceramic tiles made in collaboration with architect and designer cristina celestino.

the traditional terracotta - or cotto - heralds from gonzaga, a small town in the lombardy region of Italy steeped in renaissance history and renowned for its terracotta. these tiles are still created by hand by the family-run company, now in its fourth generation, headed by alberto brioni.

created from the finest clays from the floodplain of the river po, cotto is nothing more than the combination of water and earth that when exposed to fire, creates a subtle alchemy that becomes embodied in each tile. both natural and ecological, each hand-made tile is unique and offers the best of italian craftsmanship.

as part of their collaboration, cristina celestino explores the traditional history of fornace’s cotto and teases out interpretations that are at once contemporary and rooted in familiarity. the further addition of glazed ceramic tiles round out the offerings with bright modern color choices and sleek lines. the resulting collections delve into themes of classical architecture, with nods to renaissance grottos and italian gardens, and a subtle playfulness enhanced by clean modern forms.

clé is pleased to be the exclusive seller of these tiles outside italy featuring both the traditional fornace brioni line as well as their recent collaborations with architect and designer, cristina celestino.


Why do you suggest i order at least 15% more than my measurements?

Industry standard suggests adding at least 15% overage due to tile cuts, potential breakage, or future repairs.

For more information related to ordering and shipping, please be sure to visit our shipping and returns and delivery information resource pages

What grout colors do you recommend for fornace brioni tiles?

we recommend the below ultracolor plus fa glazed & flexcolor cq unglazed grout pairings to create a unified look:

acanti cotto rosato: no grout for decorative use, or caramel - flexcolor cq
bibiena cotto bianco + variegato Ø3: avalanche - flexcolor cq
cotto tivoli bundle: timberwolf - flexcolor cq
mantegna grey cotto Ø1: avalanche - flexcolor cq
mantegna cotto rosato: caramel - flexcolor cq
mantegna cotto bianco: avalanche - flexcolor cq
tavella cotto variegato Ø1: timberwolf - flexcolor cq
tavella cotto variegato Ø5: caramel - flexcolor cq
tavella cotto variegato Ø8: frost - flexcolor cq
tavella cotto variegato Ø9: timberwolf - flexcolor cq
trama cotto bianco: avalanche - flexcolor cq
trama cotto rosato: caramel - flexcolor cq
trama grey cotto Ø1: timberwolf - flexcolor cq
trama grey cotto ØØ: timberwolf - flexcolor cq
fornace brioni + clé cotto grigio rectangle: timberwolf - flexcolor cq
fornace brioni + clé cotto rosato rectangle: caramel - flexcolor cq
giulio romano cotto rosato: caramel - flexcolor cq
glazed ceramic tivoli: bamboo - ultracolor plus fa
rocaille shells: no grout for decorative use, or avalanche - ultracolor plus fa


Trama Diamond - 1 1/4"x2"x3/5"
Acanti Square - 7 3/4"x7 3/4"x3/4"
Terracotta Rectangle - 6"x11 3/4"x1"
Tavella Cotto Variegato Rectangle - 8"x16"x5/8"
Mantegna Triangle - 6"x6 3/4"x1"
Rocaille Shell - 4”x 4"x5/8"
Bibiena - 8 3/4"x9 3/4"x3/4"
Giulio Romano Endcap - 8"x10"x1
Giulio Romano Column - 8"x19 1/2"x1"
Ceramic Tivoli Bundle:
Total - 4 1/4"x15 1/2"x3/8"
Ceramic Pill - 2”x8 1/2"x3/8"
Ceramic Listello - 1/4"x4 3/4"x3/8"
Ceramic Rectangle - 4"x8 1/2"x3/8"
Terracotta Tivoli Bundle:
Total - 8"x28 1/2"x3/8"
Terracotta Pill - 4 1/2"x16"x5/8"
Terracotta Listello - 1 1/2"x9"x5/8"
Terracotta Rectangle - 8"x16"x5/8"

Disclaimer: Please note all dimensions are nominal. Terracotta tiles can vary plus or minus 1/4 inch, ceramic tiles can vary plus or minus 1/8 inch.


    interior wall, exterior wall, backsplash, kitchen, fireplace surround. Not suitable for floors. Limit all exterior usage to locations not affected by freeze thaw.