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product line - strata

what is the strata collection?

clé is pleased to announce our collaboration with, Rula Yaghmour, a Jordanian architect celebrated for her artful transformations of stones left-over from building projects. Rula has named her unique use of these materials - Kutleh (meaning, mass)- which are layered stone blocks she sculpts into modern furniture and objects.

clé's new strata collection is our tile translation of Kutleh's stone layering. originally quarried from the eastern mediterranean, our medley of bundled stone tiles reverberate surfaces that are extraordinarily modern. yet, it is this new vision of blending and layering stones that allow them to reveal the profound beauty of their individual colors and remarkable fossils that have emerged after forming deep within the earth for millions of years. each strata bundle is a mix of all of these stones.


where can i install the strata collection?

backsplash,bathroom,fireplace exteriors,floors,exteriors* (not recommended for areas that regularly experience freezing temps),kitchen,shower,wall

can i use the strata collection in the shower?

yes, specific waterproofing precautions need to be taken such as using a waterproof membrane under the tile and use of a penetrating sealer like miracle 511 porous plus. shower floors require a higher COF, in order to achieve this the tiles can be grooved or they can be cut into 4x4” (or smaller) squares to increase COF.

can i use the strata collection in the pool?


what sizes are the strata bundles offered in?

3” bundle-

  • twelve 3"x 12"x 3/4” planks; straight rectified
  • twelve 3"x 18"x 3/4” planks; straight rectified
  • nine 3"x 24"x 3/4” planks; straight rectified

4” bundle-

  • nine 4"x 12"x 3/4” planks; straight rectified
  • ten 4"x 18"x 3/4” planks; straight rectified
  • eight 4"x 24"x 3/4” planks; straight rectified

5” bundle-

  • seven 5"x 12"x 3/4” planks; straight rectified
  • eight 5"x 18"x 3/4” planks; straight rectified
  • six 5"x 24"x 3/4” planks; straight rectified

how much variation should I expect?

with the strata collection you will find a polished surface with extreme color variation in the form of variation derived from the natural color variations found in colored stone tiles. the tiles fall under the definition of V4 and T1 in our tile variation guide, which states:

color variation

V4 - heavy variation.  typically, with these, there will be multiple shades or pigments present within each tile, and no two tiles will ever look the same.

texture variation

T1 - light texture: production will result in slight physical variation in the surfaces of the tiles.  overall there will be uniformity upon installation.

what color grout should I use and how large should the grout joint be?

clé recommends a 1/16” grout joint using mapei flexcolor CQ in the shade bamboo, which is intended for unglazed tiles.

do you offer trim?

we do not offer trim for our strata collection, as with all natural stone tiles. please have your installer finish the edges

how do i clean the strata collection?

the natural stones that make up the strata collection (marble, limestone, travertine) are  chemically sensitive so only mild pH neutral cleaners should be used. soapless cleaners are preferred because they minimize streaks and film. mild, phosphate-free, biodegradable liquid dishwashing soaps or powders or stone soaps are acceptable if rinsing is thorough.

showers and baths: soap scum can be minimized by using a squeegee after each use and using liquid as opposed to bar soaps.


interior floor, exterior floor, interior wall, exterior wall, shower floor, shower wall, residential low traffic, residential high traffic, commercial low traffic, backsplash, kitchen, fireplace surround. Limit all exterior usage to locations not affected by freeze/thaw.