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where do you find the best quality glazed thin brick tile? you only have to see the clé thin brick collection to experience its simple integrity and superior...everything.

take a 40 year-old artisan studio filled with master glazemakers and tile craftsmen. then ask them to create a glazed brick tile at the top of its game. along with an honest and recycled clay body, our artisans high-fire in small batches, finishing each brick tile with abundant layers of hand-ground glazes. but they're not just good-looking, they can also weather any storm as one of the only glazed bricks that can boast freeze-thaw compatibility - sounds technical, but it's important!

available in a right-on color palette- please be sure to enjoy all our glazes that vary, beautifully.

when your glazed brick tile project matters, clé glazed thin brick is our testament to tile making dexterity


how much variation should i expect?

if you are expecting perfect tiles- then glazed thin brick tiles are not for you. glazed thin brick tiles are created from unrefined clay sources and natural pigments. this, alone, creates tiles of extreme variation of color, shade and size. additionally, each tile is made by hand- one tile at a time. on the other hand, if your project requires beautiful hand made variation- glazed thin brick tiles tiles are perfectly imperfect.

what is the best way to install glazed thin brick tiles?
please refer to our ""resources/specification"" section of the product page.

where can i use glazed thin brick tiles?
please see the ""usage section"" of the product page.

how does the tile ship?
clé tiles ship on pallets via ground by one of the best shippers in the nation- con-way.


ordering questions
why do you suggest i order 10%-15% more for to my measurements?
there is always the potential of breakage during moving and shipping tiles (2%-3%). also, you should always have additional tiles for making tile cuts during your installation, and to store for possible future plumbing repair needs.

what are minimum order requirements? for in-stock tiles-
1 full box
for standard tiles (non-stock)-
25 sf
for custom orders -
500 sf

when can i expect my order?
in-stock -
5-10 week days 
non-stock - 8-10 weeks 
custom - 12-14 weeks (after sample has been approved)

can i cancel my order?
you have 24 hours to cancel your order. after that, you are responsible for standard refunds or exchange rules.

are there trade discounts?
yes, please send us an email for your trade discount to

do you sell internationally?
yes, however, there are 500 sf minimum orders for international shipping (outside north america)

wall, kitchen, backsplash, freeze/thaw, shower, bath, fireplace, exterior wall, hospitality, commercial, residential