The following information is important in receiving your order and avoiding additional fees. Please read the information carefully and reach out to us at if you have any questions.

delivery and lead times

clé tiles are sourced using three different targets- quality, pricing and nearest source. each is taken into consideration with the goal of delivering the best possible tiles for your project and your location. however, all of these factors converge in ways that can impact delivery dates. therefore, please be advised that any and all delivery dates are estimates only, we cannot guarantee specific deadlines. we recommend booking installation only after receipt of all the tiles and setting materials have been delivered to your site and reviewed completely.

prior to delivery

on the day of your delivery or terminal pick-up

*please note - for field tile orders 2% - 4% of the tile damaged, chipped or scratched is acceptable. tiles are primarily handmade, hand picked and hand packed. slight surface issues are standard. it is reasonable to order at least 15% more than your project requirements to allow for these issues, as well as installation cuts, and breakage.

here, again, is a recap of the receiving recommendations for your clé order: