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tile made for living.

the clé way...

materials matter.

from the raw clay to the pigments we hand select, each clé tile is crafted to last. our commitment is to source the best-made tiles in the world.

the importance of permanence.

we begin with our unmistakable design process. we don’t believe in making products just to create something ‘new’, rather we seek out artisans with a long tradition of tile-making to bring you hand-made pieces that endure. we embrace the charms of the hand-crafted tile whether it is a hand-chiseled zellige with a surface marked by bursting olive pits from a wood-fired kiln or the chunky surface of a terracotta tile. we source tile that embodies both history and craftsmanship and makes up the story of clé and the lineage that is unique to each of our tiles.

obtainable aspiration.

we don’t just love tile, we love helping you create the environment that you call home. whether it’s a small backsplash or reimagining an entire space, our design team is here to help you create a space to dwell in and call your home. with extensive experience in the tile industry and design world, we offer you advice on how to select a tile for your project as well as provide practical suggestions such as grout pairings and sealing options along the way.