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8" x 8" x 5 / 8 "


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cement | solid | ash | scallop
a clé heritage tile

clé heritage are artisan tiles that carry the mark of a skilled artisan with each tile embodying variation in tone and surface. these tiles are to be treasured for their hand hewn quality and require a skilled installer.

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our newest shape making big waves

scale new design heights with scallops

our cement scallops have quietly become a new classic. if hard edges aren’t your thing, embrace the soothing softness of scallops. with a nod to the nautical (mermaids? fish scales? deep sea waves? yes, yes and yes), the repetition creates a peaceful backdrop for your perfect oasis.

ash is the ultimate neutral; a pale, light grey that lets your other design features have the spotlight. keep in mind that even if you’ve chosen a solid, each and every tile will be lighter, darker, less or more intensely hued. the result? a chic, cool, wabi-sabi effect.

bathroom with clé tile solid cement scallop in ash on the backsplash

tomales bay cottage, design / photography: sophia lin

single clé tile solid cement scallop tile in ash

why we love cement tile

we’re entranced by the almost endless possibilities of clé’s handcrafted cement tile, with its silky matte finish, deliciously variegated colors, and possibilities for patterns both exuberant and subtle. cement tile offers the most vibrant colors possible in tilemaking, with remarkable value for the quality and variety they offer. it’s no surprise that cement tiles have become one of the most sought-after tiles for use on walls, floors and patios, indoors or out (weather permitting), with myriad shapes, sizes, colors and patterns that are impossible to refuse.

the finest cement tiles in the world

clé has long been a champion of this timeless building material. tiles made of cement have graced the halls and walls of homes, cafes and hotels across many continents for hundreds of years, but were relatively unknown when we first introduced them to america. since then, we have elevated and popularized cement tile–also known as encaustic cement tiles, concrete tiles, hydraulicos, cuban tiles and more–by developing a top-of-the line cement tile of unparalleled quality, durability, and versatility. treat this tile with the respect it’s due: make sure to have it installed professionally by an installer who has experience with cement tile.

group of four clé tile solid cement scallop tiles in ash

product specifications

technical specifications

non freeze thaw rated icon

non freeze thaw rated

radiant heating compatible icon

radiant heating compatible

stove backsplash icon

stove backsplash

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sink backsplash

exterior floor icon

exterior floor

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interior floor

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heavy commercial

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heavy residential

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interior wall

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exterior wall

fireplace surround icon

fireplace surround

shower icon

shower floor + wall

steam shower icon

steam shower floor + wall

* see material guidelines guide for specific requirements

surface type

finish type

level 3: medium

level 1: smooth

level 1: slight

level 1: will occur

level 1: will occur

8" x 8" x 5 / 8 "
water absorption
avg. 10.9%; non-vitreous

avg. 0.74

Pieces per sqft
4.18 pcs/sqft

Weight per sqft
6.27 lbs

Pieces per box
12 pcs/box

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industry standard suggests adding at least 15% overage due to tile cuts, potential breakage, or future repairs


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