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classic marble that whispers

cle tile dolomite white stone 12x24 large field tile installed on the floor in an art deco entryway

a subtle classic for elegant authority

it’s marble’s goldilocks moment: a tile that’s just right. less heavily veined than carrara, but not as reflective and lively as thassos, clé white dolomite is perfect for a quiet, elegant space where calm prevails and the other (design) characters in the room do the talking.

rich, warm, and a tad creamy, clé white dolomite is honed for a softer modern matte feel. it’s versatile as well–ideal for a more traditional space, or bringing a soft, elegant vibe to a more contemporary one. adding to dolomite’s versatility, our shapes and sizes–available individually and in sheets–range from penny rounds to planks to field tile. there’s nothing more classic than clé white dolomite.

single cle tile dolomite white stone 12x24 large field tile
cle tile dolomite white stone 12x24 large field tile installed on the floor in a traditional entryway

why we love dolomite

clé white dolomite has the durability, versatility, and luxurious feel of classic marble, but with more subtle veining than those found in carraras or calacattas, making it an inspired choice for spaces requiring a quiet sophistication.

we think of it as the simple cashmere sweater of stone: elegant, timeless, practical, and endlessly blendable with other tiles and surfaces.

down-to-earth majesty

it’s all about the reaction: dolomite is a sedimentary stone, created when limestone and lime mud interact with magnesium-rich groundwater. nature’s alchemy makes for a stone that’s harder and denser than marble (but usually more affordable). no surprise then, that it’s been used to clad important buildings through the ages, and that it’s go-to material for kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas where durability and heat resistance are top priorities.

moodboard with cle tile dolomite white stone planks, square tile, hexes and pennyround

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