an extraordinary limited edition work of art

a gloriously imperfect tile with unexpected color

this collection is highly textured, gloriously imperfect and features unexpected color variations. each limited batch is unique – as is each tile – affected by many variables that transform each tile into a work of art. this 2×6 size allows for all of the traditional installation possibilities of rectangular tile, whether herringbone, basketweave, stacked or subway for your kitchen backsplash, shower and statement walls and fireplace surround. the popularity of the classic subway shape makes this a must-get tile while it’s around.


why we love eastern earthenware

when clé first approached our partners with an idea for a zellige with more of an eastern vibe, they asked us to describe what we had in mind. we said we were envisioning a wood fired terracotta tile that is rustic, earthy, unflitered and with a wildly varied glaze surface and finish. the result: eastern earthenware, where every kiln load will be different from the last. these extraordinary and extraordinarily varied tiles render every surface more art than tile. alternately, if you want predictability, uniformity, repetition, and subtelty, this IS NOT the tile for you!

clé has a long-held devotion for terracotta

a humble clay, traditional terracotta requires few alterations and in its best form goes almost straight from the earth into the fire. clé’s eastern earthenware is a celebration of this process and the primal transformation that occurs when the two combine. unlike the uniform glazes of tiles fired in gas or electric kilns, eastern earthenware is heralded for its variation in color, shade and exquisite surface texture. this is the result of wood-firing where everything from the fusion of the glazes with the clay, placement in the kiln, the dispersion of ash, to the seasons and weather all serve to create an alchemy that transforms each tile into a work of art.


perfect grout to match

product specifications

technical specifications

non freeze thaw rated icon

non freeze thaw rated

radiant heating compatible icon

radiant heating compatible

uv resistant icon

uv resistant

heat resistant icon

heat resistant

stove backsplash icon

stove backsplash

sink backsplash icon

sink backsplash

interior floor icon

interior floor

heavy residential icon

heavy residential

light commercial icon

light commercial

interior wall icon

interior wall

fireplace surround icon

fireplace surround

shower wall icon

shower wall

steam shower icon

steam shower

* see installation and maintenance guide for specific requirements

surface type

finish type
matte + gloss

level 3: medium

level 4: heavy

level 3: heavy

level 3: heavy

level 3: heavy

level 3: heavy

2" x 6" x 3 / 8 "
water absorption
avg. 10.8%; non-vitreous

avg. 0.30

Pieces per sqft
12.00 pcs/sqft

Pieces per box
66 pcs/box


clé recommends the use of mapei ultracolor plus fa grout and a 1/16" grout joint with this collection. similar to zellige, grout is customarily used to fill any gaps left by wedge spacers between tiles as well as any pits, chips or cracked portions of eastern earthenware.

important: we do not generally recommend using a contrasting grout color with eastern earthenware, as it will highlight the thin hairline cracks/crazing found on the tiles, and fill in any pits, and/or chips. if you choose to use a contrasting grout (i.e. white grout with black tile) please order 20-30% overage in order to cherry-pick the tile of the imperfections that are standard to this tile. additionally, you must make sure to apply a penetrating sealant or grout release prior to grouting in order to minimize the possibility of the contrasting grout curing in the inherent hairline cracks, pits, and/or chips.

grout color selection is always up to our client and/or their design professional. however, clé is often asked for our opinion on best grout selections for our tiles. and due to the large array of grout colors that are now available, clé would like to offer this general guideline on a foolproof grout color selection for any of your clé tiles.

  • first, have your professional tile contractor complete your tile installation, except for the grout portion.
  • next, when ready to grout, ask your contractor to bring ALL grout color charts from his preferred grout manufacturers, for your review.
  • lastly, choose a time of day when you are most pleased with the lighting in your space (either natural lighting, installed lighting or a blend of both). during that lighting and time of day, select the grout color that best matches your tile selection.

note that the full mapei ultracolor plus fa color catalogue contains 40 colors to choose from. visit the mapei website to view.

for more information about grouting please see our eastern earthenware installation & maintenance guide.

collection dimensions

square - 4"x4"x3/8"
rectangle - 2"x6"x3/8"
square - 2"x2"x3/8"

disclaimer: please note all dimensions are nominal. additionally, dimensions between tiles can vary +/- 1/8 inch.

installation and maintenance guide

read before you buy this tile

try before you buy

order sample

calculate your project

sq.ft. needed

industry standard suggests adding at least 15% overage due to tile cuts, potential breakage, or future repairs


total sqft



total boxes




1 total pieces

IMPORTANT: our standard requirement for tile cuts, shipping breakage, or future repairs is 15% overage. should your project require a less authentic look, without the imperfections standard to eastern earthenware, please order 20-30% overage in order to cherry-pick the tile.

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