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a clé heritage tile

clé heritage are artisan tiles that carry the mark of a skilled artisan with each tile embodying variation in tone and surface. these tiles are to be treasured for their hand hewn quality and require a skilled installer.

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authentic, traditional moroccan handmade terracotta

clé tile zellige glazed terracotta pending storm bejmat subway tiles

the new, centuries-old zellige format

2″x6″ zellige, otherwise known as bejmat, is a traditional shape in morocco, reminiscent of an earthier, handcrafted subway tile–which, of course, bejmat predated by centuries. at 3/4” this “subway” size is slightly thicker than our standard 3/8″ zellige. if you like the look of subway tiles but want something historical and handcrafted, zellige subway is the perfect format for you. at 3/4” this subway size is slightly thicker than our standard 3/8″ zellige. install these beauties in any creative pattern that effortlessly displays the prized imperfections of color and texture that zellige is known for.


like a calm tropical sky before a storm, our pending storm zellige displays a tranquil bright blue. the quality of the translucency of the glaze still exposes much of the terracotta, making our pending storm zellige a blue tile of the most mysterious quality.

clé tile zellige glazed terracotta pending storm bejmat subway tiles
bathroom of clé tile zellige pending storm subway 2x6 on the backsplash

why we love zellige

clé has made it our goal to push the boundaries of surfaces by exploring tiles from around the world and introducing undiscovered materials that have been used in other countries and cultures, for centuries. probably the most defining characteristics of authentic moroccan zellige is its imperfections. its beautiful flaws and irregularities; its variation. most importantly, it is all created in fez, the birthplace of zellige and the center of expertise in zellige craftsmanship where the art of creating these tiles by hand has been passed down from generation to generation. every tile is hand-molded, hand-cut, and hand-glazed, which also means no two zellige tiles are exactly alike.

design: destination eichler / photo: christopher dibble

all zellige is not created equal

without the signature pitted surfaces and hand-chiseled edges, all you’re left with is a version of zellige-not the real deal. although machine cut zellige may be fine for certain clients and certain projects (they’re certainly more affordable) – we, at clé, have found that offering these modern versions simply isn’t the clé way. our goal is to provide an authentic zellige steeped in history from morocco where the tradition began. in fact, the clay in our zellige tile collection is the original clay unearthed centuries ago and is still fired using ancient practices in bee-hive kilns fueled by burning olive pits and branches.

clé tile zellige glazed terracotta pending storm bejmat subway tiles

product specifications

technical specifications

non freeze thaw rated icon

non freeze thaw rated

radiant heating compatible icon

radiant heating compatible

uv resistant icon

uv resistant

stove backsplash icon

stove backsplash

sink backsplash icon

sink backsplash

exterior floor icon

exterior floor

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interior floor

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heavy residential

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interior wall

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exterior wall

fireplace surround icon

fireplace surround

fountain waterline icon

fountain waterline

pool waterline icon

pool waterline

shower icon

shower floor + wall

steam shower icon

steam shower floor + wall

* see material guidelines guide for specific requirements

surface type

finish type

level 3: medium

level 3: medium

level 3: heavy

level 1: will occur

level 2: prevalent

level 2: prevalent

2" x 6" x 3 / 4 "
water absorption
avg. 22.9%; non-vitreous

avg. 25

Pieces per sqft
14.03 pcs/sqft

Weight per sqft
7.01 lbs

Pieces per box
90 pcs/box

read before you buy this tile


zellige is traditionally set without the use of any grout. in morocco the installations are done with a butt joint and no grout whatsoever–and they have withstood the test of time. however, at clé we recommend a slightly larger grout joint of 1/16, and using mapei flexcolor cq grout for all zellige and all applications other than pool and waterline installations that require mapei ultracolor plus fa grout.

grout color selection is always up to our client and/or their design professional. however, clé is often asked for our opinion on best grout selections for our tiles. and due to the large array of grout colors that are now available, clé would like to offer this general guideline on a foolproof grout color selection for any of your clé tiles.

  • first, have your professional tile contractor complete your tile installation, except for the grout portion.
  • next, when ready to grout, ask your contractor to bring ALL grout color charts from his preferred grout manufacturers, for your review.
  • lastly, choose a time of day when you are most pleased with the lighting in your space (either natural lighting, installed lighting or a blend of both). during that lighting and time of day, select the grout color that best matches your tile selection.

if you are working with highly color-variegated tiles or a combination of tiles, we recommend that you follow the above recommendations—but match your grout to the color in your installation that you would like to accentuate.

important: we do not generally recommend using a contrasting grout color with zellige, as it will highlight the thin hairline cracks/crazing found on the tiles, and fill in any pits, and/or chips. if you choose to use a contrasting grout (i.e. white grout with black tile) please order 20-30% overage in order to cherry-pick the tile of the imperfections that are standard to zellige. additionally, you must make sure to apply Stonetech Heavy Duty Sealer from Laticrete as a pre-grout treatment to minimize the possibility of the contrasting grout curing in the inherent hairline cracks, pits, and/or chips.

are there any cases where you recommend a grout joint size larger than 1/16"?

in order to increase dcof in wet area applications of 4”x4” zellige (especially shower floors), we recommend broadening the grout joint size on the setting of the pan tiles, vertical staggering of the tile layout or cutting the tiles into 2”x2” squares. for hexes we recommend at least a 1/8” grout joint for shower floors.

for more information about grouting please see our zellige material guidelines.

collection dimensions

square - 4”x4"x3/8"
square - 2”x2”x3/8" 
hexagon - 3 1/2”x4"x3/8"
bejmat* - 2”x6”x3/4”

*bejmat actual measurements tend to be closer to 1 3⁄4"x5 1⁄2".

disclaimer: please note all dimensions are nominal. additionally, dimensions between tiles can vary +/- 1⁄4 inch.

material guidelines

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sqft needed

industry standard suggests adding at least 15% overage due to tile cuts, potential breakage, or future repairs


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our standard requirement for tile cuts, shipping breakage, or future repairs is 15% overage.
should your project require a less authentic look, without the imperfections standard to zellige, please order 20-30% overage in order to cherry-pick the tile.

minimum order of 19sqft

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