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ORIGINS - origins - sample field

forrest lesch-middelton - origins - sample field

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by forrest lesch-middelton


origins is the name that aptly describes the first series of tiles from esteemed potter, forrest lesch-middelton. forrest's works are complex in their creation, though they still illustrate the intrinsic beauty found in the everyday ceramic object. his use of a variety of historic patterns create a common language to take the user beyond utility, and hint at the deeper beauty of unfamiliar places. primarily a maker of pots and vessels, forrest has allowed clé to coax him into the world of tiles, unearthing his creations of tone-on-tone whites and browns. at a quick glance, his tiles could be described as a present-day archaeological find, each, a soulful "shard" intimately decorated. clé is honored to introduce forrest's first tile debut: origins. perfect for projects in need of timeworn prima materia, this series is a significant documentation of a gifted artist's current ceramic journey. we are pleased to join him. defined by the significant variation of sepia and neutral shades of ecru. origins tiles are a study in high firing beautifully decorated clay piece{1}s to the outer reaches of the kiln



wall, kitchen, backsplash, freeze/thaw, fireplace, exterior wall, hospitality, commercial, residential