[OLD] sacred river 4"x4"x3/8" sample

[OLD] sacred river 4"x4"x3/8" sample

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* this product comes in pieces per box and makes up pieces per square foot

our eastern earthenware is heralded for its variation in color, shade and surface texture, unlike the uniform glazes of tiles fired in gas or electric kilns. its exquisite surface is the result of wood-firing where everything from the fusion of the glazes with the clay, placement in the kiln, the dispersion of ash, to the seasons and weather all serve to create an alchemy that transforms each tile. we love eastern earthenware on any vertical surface, such as a kitchen backsplash, shower and statement walls, and fireplace surround.

please note that when you order a sample of this tile, you will receive two tiles to highlight the natural variation of this product. we photograph every new kiln load of tile with samples pulled from that selection to give you a feel of what is offered. we consider each batch a limited edition offering.


about this collection

eastern earthenware features over 30 glazes that are highly textured, gloriously imperfect and infused with the most unexpected color variations. this concert of elements can only be derived from an artisan’s hand using unfiltered elements freshly mined from nature and further distinguished by the use of a volatile firing atmosphere.

we encourage you to explore this series for any of your bath or kitchen splashes, your walls and floors, and your interior or exterior spaces.


how much variation should i expect?

eastern earthenware is created from natural glazes, pigments and terra cotta clay. every one of these natural materials is completely unfiltered allowing for maximum variation and irregularities created by firing in hand made kilns. all of this hand craft is what makes eastern earthenware so magically varied- tile to tile. please enjoy the extreme variation of color, shade and surface texture. what does this mean to you? your eastern earthenware order will contain the following:

  • size variation
  • thickness variation
  • cracked tiles
  • chipped edges (from hand chiseling each tile)
  • pitted glaze surfaces (from the unfiltered terra cotta reacting with the kiln heat)
  • crazing (from the glaze and the clay body cooling at different temperatures)

please note that, once installed properly and grouted, the above issues will bring you the textured eastern earthenware look that promises a distressed and imperfect surface of incomparable character.

HOWEVER, if the above irregularities differ from your expectations for a less distressed installation, then clé highly recommends that you select another tile that will yield more surface regularity.

what is the standard grout joint size for eastern earthenware?

because all eastern earthenware is hand cut after firing into the individual tiles, they are crafted to allow for a very tight grout joint. please look at our resources/specification guide.

where can i use eastern earthenware tiles?

almost everywhere! but please see the "usage" section for more details.


how does the tile ship?

clé tiles ship on pallets via truck.

restrictions and exclusions

High-zone delivery areas - fees vary depending on zone

Shipping to an island or peninsula

Inside delivery, whiteglove service - add $175 per pallet.



why do you suggest i order 10% to 15% more than my measurements?

there is always the potential of breakage during moving and shipping tiles (2% to 3%). also, you should always have additional tiles for making tile cuts during your installation, and to store for possible future repair needs.

what are the minimum order requirements?

number generated on the product page square feet

when can i expect my order?

lead time generated on the product page

can i cancel my order?

you have 3 hours to cancel your order. artists' tiles are not eligible for refunds or exchanges.

are there trade discounts?

yes, please refer to our "TRADE PROGRAM" page.

do you sell internationally?

yes, for orders outside of North America, the minimum order is 500 square feet. 


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