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Sealant - New Tile Kit

New Tile Kit

Sealant - New Tile Kit

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New Tile Kit

to support all of your cement tile and terracotta projects, clé offers the best of the best with our New Tile Kit. each kit contains enough Miracle Tile Cleaner and Miracle 511 Porous Plus sealant to start your tiles on their way to their perfect patina. please be sure to follow manufacturer's instructions) 


1) do i need a New Tile Kit? 


grout release- if you purchased unglazed tiles such as our cement tiles or terracotta tiles, we can guarantee that these tiles will suffer from grout staining without our New Tile Kit-  because all new grouts are extremely pigmented and will stain all cement tiles, terracotta tiles, stone tiles and marble tiles. 

sealing your tiles for their new life on your project- once you have completed the grouting and final cleaning of your tiles, fortifying your finish with another 1-2 coats of the sealant included in your kit- Miracle 511 Porous Plus - is the best way to leave your tiles with their beautiful matte finish. and you also receive the added bonus that this sealant is adding to the slip-resistance of your tiles while penetrating their pores to render them oil and waterproof.

keeping your tiles clean - the best way to keep your installation clean is with a cleaner that is neutral pH and supports the cleaning of your specific product- tiles. this is why your kit includes Miracle Tile and Stone Cleaner. it is formulated for both ceramic and stone tiles so you can be sure that you aren't just cleaning your tiles, you are also supporting them so that they can develop the beautiful patina that unglazed tiles are known for. 

2) your sales rep is adamant that my tiles won't fare well without sealing with these products. but they seem more expensive than my contractor's recommendations.

you have just invested in the best possible cement tiles and terracotta tiles. therefore, why would you use anything less than the best to protect and clean them? there are many sealants and cleaners on the market but we don't believe any compare with the well-engineered products from Miracle Sealant.

for more information on Miracle Sealant products- please visit their site -

3) but why do i need to seal my tiles if they are pre-polished and pre-sealed?

even if your tiles were made near your project location, transporting tiles from near or far leaves tiles exposed to friction and movement that can mar the surface. 

also, if you purchase cement tiles that have not been pre-polished or pre-sealed, you are buying tiles that still have the cement "tooth" on the surface. and with out pre-polishing that tooth away, and then fortifying the pores with a pre-seal, your tiles will not arrive to your project successfully, nor will they survive the first phases of your installation. 

our New Floor Kit allows you to support your tiles from the grouting segment of your installation- through to the first year(s) of the life of your floors and walls. 


perfect for all cement tiles, terracotta tiles, marble tiles and stone tiles.