Unglazed Tile Grout

Unglazed Tile Grout

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this is our secret weapon. this grout is literally magic, and we are excited to be offering this product. as we all know grout can either make or break a tile installation - this one should make it! use this grout for any installation of unglazed tile (terracotta, cement, natural stone...). it is premixed and ready-to-use and its dense composition helps to prevent water-based stains by providing water repellency to the grout surface.

this unglazed tile grout is formulated with the latest innovation in quartz aggregate and little to no added artificial pigment, which ensures color consistency, ease of cleanability, and non-staining workability. this grout can be used on our most sensitive tile surfaces, requires no sealer and cures naturally from evaporation of the low level of water in the formulation.

it can be used to grout interior/exterior tile. available in any of our eight hand-picked colors. refer to our grout calculator below to calculate coverage for your specific clé tile.

*the grout sample kit comes with all of our available grout colors.

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grout calculator

how much grout do i need?

please note that the grout calculator results are suggestions based on the clé collection selected and our recommended grout joint size.