john whitmarsh: container tiles

container tile close-up

container tiles installation

backsplash installation of the container tiles


where to use

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cut from steel shipping containers, john's tiles are essentially decorative and best used in kitchen, bar and bath splashes, bar die-walls, fireplaces and exterior decorative walls or other residential or commercial decorative applications. 


installation tips

installation is done using an adhesive such as construction glue or modified latex thinsets. the substrate must be installed and prepped, as per the architects specifications, to adequately support the installation. there is no grout or sealant necessary for the surface unless it will be in a busy commercial backsplash. at that point, a polyurethane coating can be supplied to be applied with a sponge brush in the field. 

please note- *installation can be supported by the artist at roughly double the cost of the tiles. this pricing would include the pre-arranging of the tiles as per the artist's vision for the mix of the colors and printed tiles. then the artist would arrange them to a cement-backer board that is cut and positioned to a project template. the tiles are then perfectly and artfully set, left only to be mounted to the wall substrate with construction glue and anchor screws. the pre-arranging and mounting fees include the costs for crating.


pricing & details

container tiles

2"x9" (nominal size) - $80 per SF

medley of colors provided.

minimum order - 10 SF

custom availability- yes

please allow 10-12 weeks for your order to ship.






wet wall

wet floors

water submersible

floor rating









*conditional based on applications


for immediate assistance contact 415-887-9011 (9-5) PST mon- fri

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