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erica tanov + clé | shimmer | large brass sequin

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a maison clé tile

maison clé are our exclusive tile offerings featuring collaborations with artists from across the globe and we very much consider these pieces works of art. much like art they require skillful installation.

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$ 98.50/sqft

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industry standard suggests adding at least 15% overage due to tile cuts, potential breakage, or future repairs


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* see material guidelines guide for specific requirements

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level 2: slight

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level 1: slight

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water absorption
water absorption testing is not performed on brass

dcof testing is not performed as this is strictly a wall tile

Pieces per sqft
10 pcs/sqft

Weight per sqft
1.8 lbs

Pieces per box
10 pcs/box

read before you buy this tile

how do i install the shimmer collection?

individual sequins are secured to the wall using 3/4” brass pins and spacers that set the sequins ⅛” from the wall. each order includes installation instructions for laying out a grid on your wall to create an overlapping pattern reminiscent of fish scales. we also provide the 3/4” brass escutcheon pins and ⅛” brass spacers required for the installation as well.

brass sequins can be installed over the following surfaces: drywall, plaster, plywood and cement fiber backer board. do not install behind stoves unless your substrate is non-combustible and meets code requirements for material installed near a burner.

for more detailed installation instructions see shimmer material guidelines.

do you offer trim for your shimmer collection?

shimmer collection is not intended to be installed with trim of any kind.

how do i take care of my shimmer sequins?

clean using soft materials, like a cloth, instead of coarse materials. brass sequins should be dusted and do not typically require liquid cleaners.

brass sequin tiles will slowly develop a natural patina as the installation is maintained and naturally wears. it can be easy to mistake the wearing of their installation as staining, however, this worn appearance indicates the early stages of patina forming. if you would like to polish or remove patina from brass sequins this can be using brasso or bar keepers friend.

see our shimmer material guidelines for more information.

what type of finish should i expect with this collection?

shimmer collection sequins have a smooth brass metal surface which will develop a beautiful patina over time.

what types and levels of variation and imperfections should i expect?

with the shimmer collection you will see a light textural variation with slight color variation in the form of patina. it is still very important to blend the sequins from all boxes once they arrive and place them in their installation area to ensure you have the layout you want before installing. do not install without blending from all boxes.

variation ratings:

the shimmer collection brass sequin tiles are rated 'level 2 slight' for color variation, 'level 1 smooth' for texture variation, and 'level 1 slight for size variation'.

see illustrations in the technical specifications section above, and read more about the ratings in our tile variation and imperfections guide.

what should i expect with my order of shimmer?

in your shipment, you will find the brass escutcheon pins and brass spacers required for the installation of your sequins.

note: oil from fingerprints can stain and tarnish sequins if not promptly cleaned off using a microfiber cloth. to avoid having to wipe down the sequins, we suggest wearing cloth archival gloves while inspecting your shipment and during installation.

why do you suggest i order at least 15% more than my measurements?

industry standard suggests adding at least 15% overage due to tile cuts, potential shipping breakage, or future repairs.

for more information related to ordering and shipping, please be sure to visit our shipping and returns and delivery information resource pages.

collection dimensions

our large and small brass sequins are made from 20 gauge brass (0.0375”). when installed directly to the wall the installation will protrude roughly ³⁄₁₆” (with spacers, tile, and pin).


small brass sequin ovals – 3½” x 2¼”
large brass sequin ovals – 6” x 3⅞”

a new take on surface materials and forms

a shiny new way to reimagine surfaces

the shimmer collection is a collaboration with bay area designer and artist erica tanov and features a system of nested sequin-like brass ovals that, when wall-mounted, create a shimmering, sparkling architectural surface. these american-made brass tiles can be arranged and overlaid in patterns for showstopping, light-catching walls in offices, restaurants or homes.

shimmer is the 2019 best of year winner for wallcovering by interior design magazine.

why we love shimmer

at clé, we have long committed ourselves to evolving the tile world. we were born out of a quest to redefine what tile can be and to take those ideas even further than anyone thought was possible. for us, the craft of tilemaking is always in motion, as all art forms should be. shimmer embraces that promise, taking a new material and transforming it into a modern surface treatment. the inspiration behind its design is also near and dear to us: the play of light on san francisco bay, right in our own backyard. it's no wonder this revolutionary tile concept was a best of year winner by interior design magazine.

clé artist collaborations

featuring artists and designers has long been a foundation of our tile journey at clé. while we consider all of our tile collections to be works of art, it is clé's artist design collaborations that take the craft of tile-making to an entirely new level, juxtaposing age-old traditions and crafts with modern art and design. we have cultivated partnerships with impassioned, like-minded artists with the singular vision of creating and sharing remarkable, accessible art for your living spaces.