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clé is moving and along with lots of room for our growing clé team, we are also crafting our new space to include creative collaborations, an artist's guild, and informative design events! in order to make room for all of these new resources we have decided to host a 30% off MOVING SALE on select products, while supplies last!

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luca osburn artist in residence

when deborah osburn’s watermark collection launched a few years ago. clé had no idea just how popular this tile collection would prove to be. along with garnering a prestigious BOY award for best tile, the watermark collection has secured its spot as a classic tile amongst our clé artists’ tiles with prestigious projects, both commercially and residentially. in order to keep up with the growing demand, clé passed along the production and artistry of this extremely detailed and difficult tile craft to deborah’s own son, luca osburn. clé is now proud to announce luca osburn’s signature watermark collection series - tides – which he has named for the magical quality of the tides effecting the waves that greet him each session.

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About Cle Tile

clé is a new searching and shopping experience for anyone in need of classic tile, ceramic tile and artistic tile accumulated from two perspectives- yours and ours.

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