mythology: a new era of expression, nuance…and color

welcome to cinema collection: mythology, part of the new era of cement: an era that’s fundamentally bolder and more colorful. mythology features 47 artist-designed color palettes in duos and trios in multiple sizes. infinite options to kindle creativity – and create your own epic.

how to shop mythology

cinema collection: mythology puts the thrill and joy back into working with color. here’s where to start.

  1. choose your color story series –
    from mellow to spirited each has its own vibe, its own backstory, its own very distinctive energy.

  2. select your color combinations, size, and shapes –
    choose between duos and trios – and the different shapes – based on the patterns you want to create.

  3. narrow down your color palette –
    decide if your story should be more shaded contrast, or should incorporate neutrals, or embrace vibrants.

shop by color story series

mythology centers on seven “stories”: foxglove, dartmoor, flanders, oz, wonderland, wildwood, and salon, each with distinctive personalities and moods. each story comes to life in bundles of duos and trios of neutrals, shades, and vibrants.

Shop by size + shape

mythology’s bundles are available in both squares and rectangles that come in multiple sizes, creating a new world of options for telling your own original design story.

squares are available in grand (8” x 8”) and petite (4” x 4”)
rectangles are available in baguettes (2” x 6”), cigars (2” x 8”), and blades (3” x 12”)

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