how to work with mythology

by clé tile | published: Sep 19, 2023

A wood paneled wall with a small, ornate watercolor and a tile floor of clé's dartmoor color story.

Dartmoor, petite neutral trio in chestnut, forest + paste

with mythology we’ve created a first-of-its-kind collection — a new way of designing with tile and color — by making it irresistible and thought-provoking.

here’s the key to working with this collection that's all about luscious, vibrant color: don’t start with color.

1. start with the stories.

the heart of mythology is its color stories, each of which has a different mood, a different vibe. think sensibilities, not aesthetics, then choose your story from our seven “mythologies” based on how they make you feel — not just how they look.

this is how to get beyond trends or “rules” or “favorite colors”.

instead, dive into the stories and see what emotions and the feelings they stir up.  do that, and you'll soon find your way into the palettes that move you. this is the goal of each color story: to act as the kindling that sparks the overall feeling of your space.

which story speaks to you the loudest?

a guide to our color stories

foxglove a late spring reverie: that magical moment before the soft breeze of spring warms into summer's heat. the flecked light that comes as meadow, wild flowers, grass and sky merge, creating a dream, a discovery, a blossom... of foxglove.

Foxglove, petite neutral trio in paste + nettle

dartmoor is untamed romance: a longing for dark, earthy hues, where wilderness meets the manor and evokes the smoke of old whiskey and the glint of worn leather... touch the wildness.

Dartmoor, blade shade trio in forest, army + chestnut

flanders is a magnificent world of greys, blues, and high-gloss red/yellow tones. a tapestry of colors both muted yet vibrant, filtered by the wavering light off an inland channel. enter the world of flanders.

Flanders, blade shade trio in in ru, celadon + roan

oz: prismatic visions, retro vibes, and a salute to flower children and studio 54. we told you it was a dream.

Oz, baguette neutral duo in duckling + paste

wildwood is that liminal place between the lightness of youth and the depth of awareness. muted pastels and dusky earthtones giving way to forested hues. darkness and light, sugar and spice… vision not sight.

Wildwood, grande shade trio in army, charcoal + fig

wonderland is glorious fantasia, blending worlds and blurring lines. vintage fairy tale meets brilliant regalia and tradition yields to exploration.

Wonderland, petite shade duo in paste + roan

salon: an alliance between intrigue and allure, indulgence and mystery. think Paris in the '20's. tones of dreamy hues grounded with shades of faded tobacco. sophisticated, urbane, richly layered..

Salon, cigar neutral duo in paste + umber

2. now think about your pattern: are you a duo or a trio?

it’s time to zero in on pattern. the true power of mythology lies in its color pairings which come in duos and trios. thinking about what your pattern should be will help you decide whether you want a duo or trio — and which shapes and sizes you’ll want to use to bring your layout to life.

duos: the foundation for a classic checkerboard, but with a world of options based on whether you’re using our classic 8" x 8" grandes, 4" x 4" petites, and checkerboard adjacent 2" x 6" baguettes, 2" x 8" cigars, or 3" x 12" blades.

trios: while they’re a way to bring more color into a space (and who doesn’t like a broader palette to use as a jumping-off point in design?) trios can also offer surprising tonal subtlety.

flanders, grande neutral duo in paste + mallard, design: ashley ferguson interiors / photo: kieran reeves photography

flanders, grande neutral trio in mallard, charcoal + paste

3. choose between neutrals, shades, and vibrant options

whether you’re looking for something more vibrant, something that incorporates neutrals, or a more subtle combination, you'll find your look.


these color sets feature one of our popular neutrals (paste or roan) paired with rich, variegated cement colors from the story. think of them as offering the greatest color contrast in the collection, but softened and made more sophisticated by the variegation and variation in clé’s signature cement. if you’re dreaming of a classic checkerboard pattern with some soul to it, this is where to start.


a tone-on-tone look formed by a combination of colors that are not twins, but siblings; similar and in the same color family, but different enough to give dimension and depth, not easily apparent contrast. mythology collection "shades" are softly sophisticated, stirring subtlety and restraint.


this is where the color maximalists find the most comfort: coloring outside the squares. be prepared for more color and unexpected pairings. discover surprising color combinations that will set the stage for everything else in the room. but worry not: clé’s signature cement with its suede-like finish keeps things nuanced, refined and grounded.

from there, it’s up to you

congratulations: now you’re ready to begin the journey