cinema collection: mythology—wildwood

mythology’s color stories are about sensibilities, not just aesthetics. mood, not just palette. choose your story from our seven “mythologies” based on how they make you feel–not just how they look. think of them as the kindling that sparks the overall feeling of a space.

wildwood is that liminal place between the lightness of youth and the depth of awareness. muted pastels and dusky earthtones giving way to forested hues. darkness and light, sugar and spice… vision not sight.


our neutrals bundles pair rich, variegated cement colors from the story with one of our popular neutrals (paste or roan). think of them as offering the greatest color contrast in the collection, but softened and made more sophisticated by the variegation and variation in clé’s signature cement. if you’re dreaming of a classic checkerboard pattern with some soul to it, this is where to start.

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wildwood neutral duo 4x4 squares in paste + rose

C30227_ C30251_ C30274_ C28327_


a tone-on-tone look formed by a combination of colors that are not twins, but siblings: similar and in the same color family, but different enough to give dimension and depth, not easily apparent contrast. mythology collection "shades" are softly sophisticated, stirring subtlety and restraint.

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wildwood shade trio 2x6 baguettes in army, charcoal + fig

C30171_ C30291_ C30244_ C28341_


this is where maximalists find the most comfort: coloring outside the squares. be prepared for unexpected pairings, surprising color combinations that will set the stage for everything else in the room. but worry not: clé’s signature cement with its suede-like finish keeps things nuanced, refined and grounded.

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wildwood vibrant trio 8x8 squares in army, roan + charcoal

C30140_ C30212_ C28310_ C30306_