cinema collection: mythology — changing the game

by clé tile | published: Sep 19, 2023

we’ve said it before: it’s time for a new era of cement, one in which this classic material — capable of so much expressiveness, nuance, color, and pattern — comes back to the forefront of not just tile, but design.

the new era of cement is fundamentally a bolder, a more colorful one where we unleash a palette of color designed to evoke emotion. while there’s always room for monochromatic palettes, they don’t need to be the default.

A teal and green alternative tile pattern with an open art book on it.

foxglove, baguette shade duo in mallard + forest

A very dark green wall with an arched alcove and a white and brown checkerboard tile floor.

salon, petite neutral duo in paste + umber

enter mythology: color pairings made simple

color selection should be thrilling and satisfying — and we wanted the process to offer as many color combination ideas as possible.

mythology takes the guesswork out of pairing colors, courtesy of 47 palettes designed by artist and clé founder Deborah Osburn. based on formal color studies, they offer 3 different ranges of moods and tonalities (neutrals, shades, and vibrants) in two pattern types – the beloved checkerboards (courtesy of duos) and the more plaid-like patterns (courtesy of trios) – offered in both squares and rectangles of multiple sizes. tile being tile, these sets can be arranged in multiple ways, allowing you to create your own personal mythology. Learn more about how mythology works here.

color can carry us away, and should! to help you embark on that journey, we created 7 different color stories to help "carry you" toward your awaiting color palette.

we set out to transform the way america designs with tile and color. here's a map to that journey.


the heart of mythology: the color stories

designed by clé founder Deborah Osburn, mythology centers on seven “stories.”

each is inspired by different vibes and looks: dreamy foxglove gives way to moody dartmoor, which summons the sugar and spice of wildwood, which takes you on a journey to trip-tastic oz, and onto the moody romance of flanders, then to salon's 1920s jazz club vibes, landing – finally – in the madcap madness and emotion explosion of wonderland.

A hallway with white plaster walls and a dark tile floor.

bringing the flair: duos and trios in neutrals, shades, and vibrants

each story comes in multiple versions, brought to life in bundles of duos and trios of neutrals, shades, and vibrants. this is where you can start to customize your design to your specific taste, dialing up the contrast with neutrals and vibrants or dialing it down with shades.

sizes and shapes unlock your design

originally introduced in 8" x 8" squares for classic checkerboard options, mythology comes in multiple sizes that open up a world of options:

the petite: 4” x 4”
the classic grande: 8” x 8”
the baguette: 2” x 6”
the cigar: 2” x 8”
and the blade: 3” x 12”

use mythology’s bundles to create your own personal layout, whether its checkerboard, staggered patterns, running bond, stripes or even herringbone and color blocking.

take it further

but let’s say you want to take it a little further, to be a little more maximalist and daring, to use it with even more flair (go on, you know you want to).

combine bundles from the same color story in a single room or in contiguous spaces. the good news: you can’t go wrong, thanks to our story-based combinations. you could tile a bathroom floor in one combination and a wall in another and still feel confident in your choices.

with mythology, as long as you select tile from within one color story, you can tile adjacent rooms in different combinations and know it will still be cohesive.

Front room: wildwood, cigar shade trio in army, charcoal + fig | middle room: foxglove cigar shade trio in mallard, forest + charcoal | far room: flanders, cigar neutral duo in roan + flame

that’s the genius and the power of mythology. guesswork removed. daring design made simple. family peace restored. it’s a first-of-its-kind collection, and created by and exclusive to clé.

A hallway with white plaster walls and a dark tile floor.

dartmoor, blade neutral duo in paste + chestnut

flanders, grande neutral duo in mallard + paste

now all you have to do is to decide which color story to live.

here’s how to do that.