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handmade encaustic cement tiles inspired from traditional moroccan tiles, are magically stunning cement surfaces. available in solid hex's, squares of black/white/grey, or a combination of hot/hot/hot colors- clé has the encaustic cement tiles for any wall or floor tile project. naturally varied from tile to tile- no two tiles will ever be alike!

and now, artist created cement tiles by ruan hoffmann for the cement tile lover who wants their own art installation!

IN STOCK? clé now carries a selection of our patterns in black.white.grey combinations. get it quick. get it now!

additionally, all clé cement tiles come pre-sealed and pre-polished, the only cement tiles that arrive "prepared" for your toughest installations. rowdy households and busy restaurants and hotels have treasured these hardworking floors for over 100 years.

want to know more about encaustic cement tiles? here is a special clé guide just for you:

free encaustic cement guide

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