clé heritage

by clé tile | published: Feb 22, 2022

clé guild new california brick in yarrow and salvia. design/photo: blu dot

do story, heritage, and history matter to you? are you the kind of person who seeks out authenticity…the kind of person in love with material and texture? does the word “wonky” thrill–rather than terrify–you? and are you working with an experienced installer?

then you’re probably interested in our clé heritage curation, known for its authentic zellige tile; unexpectedly vibrant and silky cement; and handsomely handcrafted terracotta.

our clé heritage artisan tiles embrace the imperfections of the hand and centuries-old processes. think sun-dried clay rolled into blocks and cut by hand, wood-fired tile, and pigments hand-poured into intricate molds. all these processes carry the mark of a skilled artisan and a craft often passed down through generations, reflecting the traditional heritage of the country.

these processes ensure that no two tiles are perfectly alike. to varying degrees, each tile embodies variation in tone, surface, and even size. this means that surfaces won’t be solid blocks of color: they’ll have depth and movement and character and texture.

zellige 4×4 tile in palace red. design: studio life|style / photo: sam frost studio

clé solid cement squares in 8x8 barn and metal

while every tile in our heritage curation is handcrafted, some of our tiles have greater variation than others. among our white tiles, for example, eastern elements mochi is less variable (but still plenty characterful) than our popular weathered white and sea salt zelliges.

the variation in texture and color means that the tile must be installed by a professional who is familiar with these materials and in particular understands how to work with their perfect imperfections. as we say at clé, your tile is only as good as your installer.

zellige 2×6 bejmat tile in weathered white. design: apartment 34 / photo: spotted sf

belgian reproduction square + rectangle bundle. design: lisa schmitz interiors / photo: mike sinclair

if on the other hand, all this variation sounds nice but gives you pause, consider our clé classics. and if none of this is sounding adventurous enough for your taste: maison clé is your curation.