introducing eastern elements – mochi

by clé tile | published: May 26, 2021

sometimes, you want your walls and floors to whisper, and not speak quite so loudly. but you don’t want them to just sit there, either: you want them to glow, to have some personality, some life.

you need a not-so-basic white.

eastern elements mochi is just that kind of tile. the latest addition to the clé heritage collection, mochi is handcrafted in terracotta with a glaze inspired by the delicate, translucent petals of the chrysanthemum flower. with subtle hints of pink, blue, and grey, it has enough texture, depth, and enough variation to keep things interesting.

at the same time, it’s affordable and easy to work with. while we love our weathered white zellige, it’s not the right tile for every design: some call for more uniformity in surface and texture. mochi’s more subtle variations in surface and texture makes it perfect for those looking for a more consistent but still hand-hewn look.

it has great roots, too: eastern elements mochi is cousin to eastern earthenware, our very limited edition wood-fired handcrafted tile that design adventurers have turned into a cult favorite.