marvelous metallics: tile that glimmers and shimmers

the shimmer collection by erica tanov + cle

by clé tile | published: Dec 16, 2022

we often refer to our zellige tiles as the sequins of the tile world with their glimmering surface, however we upped the glimmer quotient when we launched the erica tanov + clé shimmer collection - a series of oval, brass metallic tile discs that create a sparkly, shimmering surface once nailed to the wall.

shimmer is part of our maison clé collection where art meets tile. these are boundary-breaking tiles that feature exclusive offerings, unexpected materials, and collaborations with artists from across the globe.

we asked san francisco bay area fashion, interiors, and home accessories designer erica tanov to share some insights on this award winning tile and how this unique collaboration came about.

clé: what was the genesis for the shimmer collection?

erica tanov: the inspiration for the shimmer wall came from the sparkling of the san francisco bay – the way the sun hits the water’s surface creating the most magical shimmering effect that I would see when I left my marin store to head back to my studio in berkeley.  

I really wanted to create that same stunning beauty on the wall of my marin store. a brass paillette from an evening bag proved the perfect vehicle. the golden surface of the layered brass oval discs and their subtle movement provided the sparkle I was imagining.  

clé: what’s still inspiring you about shimmer?

erica tanov: I love the opulence of metallics –– gold in particular –– especially when mixed with more earthy colors and textures. shimmer elevates any space…..glamour without gaudiness.

clé: has shimmer influenced any of your designs?

erica tanov: shimmer constantly finds its way into my clothing and homeware collections because of my passion for a glimpse of sparkle. think gilded threads on our classic, signature fringe collar as well as our iconic alpaca shag pillow –– it gives these essentials an elevated touch of opulence.

it was also the inspiration for my new jewelry collection – Ovum– which is a miniature version of the tiles shimmer in 14K gold dotted with diamonds for added sparkle.  

clé: what would you see shimmer pairing with in your cement tile artist’s collection with clé? 

erica tanov: i love mixing the sparkle of metallics with more raw, earthy elements such as concrete, stone and wood, so pairing the opulence of shimmer with the soft earthiness of the encaustic cement tiles is a match made in heaven. i would love to see the fern tile paired with shimmer - i think it would be to die for.