pantry pavers: the down-to-earth stone tile for every home

by clé tile | published: Jul 21, 2022

it’s no secret that we are partial to patina, but it can take years to achieve a time-worn look. our latest collection of stone tile, pantry pavers, is a tumbled travertine floor tile (or wall tile!) that offers a traditional timeworn look for a down-to-earth interior, with enough presence to make a quiet statement.

the tumbled finish on the tile means that the surface and edges of the stone get rounded out to create a lived-in look that is visually warm and also soft underfoot, making it ideal to use throughout the house—not just in kitchens and pantries. better still, tumbled travertine pairs with almost any tile making it one of our most versatile offerings.

tumbled travertine tile: accessible, classic, durable, versatile 

pantry pavers joins our fast-growing collection of stone and marble tile. and much like slate, they are one of our most accessible stones.

how to decide which tone to choose

pantry pavers come in three go-with-everything shades: pumice, sand, and shale.

pumice—which features a warm palette of colors ranging from light peach to earthy browns to rust with white and dark grey veining—is an ideal choice for those looking for a lot of variation in tones. think of it as the pantry pavers wild card.

sand is an elevated beige featuring warm tones and a hint of white veining. it’s for those looking for a more consistent look and feel with less variation in tone.

shale is a tumbled grey neutral travertine with tones of ash and charcoal that run the gamut from light to dark gray, adding a note of sophistication.

pantry pavers are available in squares, hexagons, and planks.

because of their timeworn look, shapes, and muted, natural color palette, our pantry pavers have a hint of our reclaimed european antique terracotta tiles to them—but are far more affordable, have somewhat less variation, and can be used in more settings. 

what tile to pair with pantry pavers

pumice plank, weathered white, vesper sands

sand hex, argan brown zellige, foundry flats cast iron

shale hex + plank, foundry flats carbon, dolomite penny rounds

tumbled travertine goes with almost everything, bringing some more glamorous tiles down to earth for a more modern look, or playing up the classicism of stone in an accessible way.

add a handcrafted note by pairing with zellige (weathered white) or with our new zellige neutrals in vesper sands, argan brown, and parched vellum. for a crisper look, pair with our glazed white tiles—casale rustico, or opt for eastern elements mochi for a more understated look. it’s also great with our brick, carrara, and listellos.

what tile to pair with pantry pavers

use them wherever you want: on floors and backsplashes and kicksplashes, in entryways and hallways, on a fireplace surround: basically, use them throughout the house wherever you want the look and feel of stone—but in a way that’s more laidback.

you can even use them outdoors—though only in places not susceptible to freeze-thaw conditions. 

our love of tumbled travertine

while we’re in love with every tile in our repertoire, we do have a very soft spot for our hardest material—stone. we revere its history, its endless variation, and of course, its durability. and travertine has a special place in our hearts: more about this majestic stone here