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installation tips for zellige

photos: Zio & Sons   Where can I use zellige? We often get asked this question. Much of the rest of the world has been living with tile for centuries. It’s what makes us fall in love with the terrazzo-lined streets of Italy and the zellige tiled floors and walls of Morocco....

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five different ways to install zellige

Unlike many other tiles, everything we love about zellige, its pits and chips and irregular edges means that there are several ways in which zellige can be installed. To showcase the different looks available, we have created 5 videos with different sized tile with all the steps needed for a successful installation....

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how to pair farrow & ball with your zellige tile

clé zellige is as traditional as it gets: made and glazed by hand, then fired in traditional kilns, just as it has been done for thousands of years. The science behind the firing produces not only a glorious gloss and surface texture, but also a wildly natural color variance. This is a...

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#tileblueprint: mondrian slate floor

Designer Dee Murphy made a splash when she posted images of her renovated kitchen. It was her slate floor - planks of slate arranged in a patternless pattern - that got the most attention. We dub the pattern "mondrian", after artist piet mondrian whose iconic paintings featured the simplest of rectilinear forms -...

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introducing the ultimate neutral

Launched in July, 2021, Gold and Platinum Zellige from clé is a dramatic addition to our line of natural zellige, and part of our maison clé* collection of exclusive tile offerings.  To create Gold and Platinum zellige, we took rustic handcrafted clay tile and hand painted it with a layer of 24...

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clé conversations: mike moser of mike moser studio

Above: Undulating shelves are tiled in 2”x2” golden henna zellige including the underside. We see a great number of inspiring installations by our clients, but the recent work by designer Mike Moser really stood out to us for its sophisticated design that highlighted our artisan-crafted tile in furnishings and fixtures.  Moser designed...

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