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the white album - clé tile classics in varied hues of white

the white album 

we love that album and think it's the beatles at their controversial best. and thanks to marshmallows and pearls white remains one of our singularly favorite colors here at clé. two of our favorite blogs remodelista and sfgirlbybay often feature beautiful white spaces that we adore looking at. there is something so relaxing about predominantly white spaces and architecture. 

say what you want about white being boring. to us, white will never be anything besides regal and crisp. inviting and cozy. comfy and clean. so obviously, we would have something to say and show about our favorite white tiles!  

nothing is as white hot right now as these clé classics, which all come in varied hues of white...


eastern earthenware in rice paper

eastern earthenware, one of clé's newest and most popular collections, are glazed terracotta tiles beautifully varied and punctuated with texture ( sometimes seen as "flaws"). but flaws they are not! the beauty of these tiles is in their imperfection; use them in your project and you are sure to make heads turn!


zellige in weathered white | design by zio and sons

nothing beats our popular glazed zellige in weathered white which is anything but ordinary. the color itself is made up of, literally, seemingly endless shades of white giving these tiles a deep opalescent sheen. this specific tile is being used for dozens of projects across the world right now... we love seeing this 10th century tile making craft inspiring fun and modern applications.   


glazed thin brick in cotton | design by amber interiors

want something with the same feel of a classic subway tile with a little more character? try these durable glazed bricks that make it hard to ignore the integrity and superior craftsmanship that went into their production. the versatile, yet utilitarian, tiles come in matte or gloss white so that you can best suit the needs of your project!  


white subway tile and white penny rounds 

just like you can't go wrong with jeans and white tees, you can't go wrong with these two clé tile classics that work in any space, period. subway tiles have been de rigeur for tiled walls forever and show no signs of going out of style. similarly, penny rounds are also staples in the tile world and work great around curbs or rounded surfaces. no matter what your project is, there is nothing more essential than these two tiles, which both also look perfect in a classic, bright white. 


boris aldridge's elements in foam

last, but definitely not least, is one of our favorite artist collections: boris aldridge's elements in foam. from the surface undulations, the flow of the glassy glaze, to the small details that characterize their charm, the craft behind these handmade tiles is truly undeniable. these one-of-a-kind tiles are both masterful and modern and function as both pieces of art and beautiful surface tiles. 



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