clé's genuine terracotta tile collection includes glazed and unglazed options, including authentic zellige and handcrafted terracotta from italy. explore our lines and find the perfect terracotta tile for your project.


le sol

le sol brings a sophisticated bohemian vibe to clé’s terracotta collection, evoking su

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belgian reproduction

a restored form of european terracotta making these tiles makes these tiles perfect fo

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architect's palette

architect's palette is an austere collection of elongated planks of italian terracotta

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eastern elements

there's an ethereal, romantic feel to eastern elements mochi–the latest in our collect

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fornace brioni + clé

this exclusive collaboration between clé and fornace brioni–third-generation italian t

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fornace brioni + cristina celestino

fornace brioni are third-generation italian terracotta tilemakers. theirs is an extrao

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piastrelle_collection_banner_3000x2000 (1)

fornace brioni + giovanni barbieri

fornace brioni partnered with italian designer giovanni barbieri to create le piastrel

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antique terracotta

antique terracotta tiles are what they say they are: sourced from european buildings o

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Eastern Earthernware

a very special collection of limited tile, eastern earthenware is a wood-fired terraco

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