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meet the artists | zio & sons

new york designer anthony d'argenzio is the founder and creative director of zio & sons, a full service creative design agency. his design approach combines clean modernism with a timeless vintage touch, as seen by the many followers who swoon over the brands' multiple social profiles. it was anthony's renovation of a century-old house in hudson, new york - intended as a destination for creatives and vacationers - where his passion for historical architecture led him to clé.

he chose our weathered white zellige as a way to honor and respect the building's heritage, but still create a fresh feeling. "when i was designing the kitchen, where the weathered white was used, i wanted to give it soul and not use something that seemed too new, too contemporary," he says. "i wanted to create an environment that felt unique, custom and one-of-a-kind." images of the installation became ubiquitous across instagram, pinterest, design blogs and magazines. a mutual appreciation flourished and a creative collaboration was born. 


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