august fixations

by clé tile | published: Aug 04, 2023

dog days. holidays. back to school/oh when will the kids finally go back to school days. wish you had a pool days. sweater + fleece days (if you’re in San Francisco.) vogue september issue days. then, just like that… no, not Aidan. Autumn.

because we all need good joss.
the art and craft of pleasure. let it smolder.

because you’re desperate for eye candy.
 The Coming of Color at MOMA: when black and white film went color, the world just changed. if that colors you curious, take a gander at our similarly inspired cinema collection: the director’s cut. August 23–Sept 6

sounds of the summer. the 50th anniversary of hip-hop — the truest all-american art form — is August 11. awards darling Jon Batiste releases “World Music Radio” and the sublime Birdy shares her “Portraits,” both out August 18… and clé’s spotify channel, everyday.

strut your stuff. the Notting Hill Carnival busts a move the first weekend in August. expect vivid visuals and cultural creations. oh blimey, while you’re in the UK… eschew the mainstream.

go fringe the Edinburgh Fringe, that is. tartan time is August 4–28

breakfast with clé.
 mark your calendars: we’ll be throwing a little party for 17th century maiolica de delft at Assembly Line in Brooklyn. details to follow. can’t make breakfast, but a tad peckish to learn more about clé and our tile? don’t be blue: sign up for clé office hours at Assembly Line.

photo: sean davidson

tune your sense of scents. we’ve not turned our noses up at the new unisex fragrance from one of our favorite houses: Maison Margiela. with it’s spicy campfire notes, “under the stars” is the very essence of late summer. there must be a tile that evokes this…

don’t forget, clé in the wild. anthony d’argenzio’s wildly popular clé collaboration in the spotlight at a shoppable exhibit at 441 warren street in hudson ny. it’s a beaut.

seoul satisfaction.
 Palazzo Fendi Seoul, the newest flagship from the famiglia fendi goes east, opening August 2 in South Korea.

White casale rustico tiles behind wine, garlic and peppers on a table.

Image courtesy of fendi