design inspirations for a kid-friendly bathroom

by clé tile | published: Sep 15, 2022

Kids + water=tile. tile is durable, hard-wearing—and thus an essential for messy spaces.

nowhere more so than the kids’ bathroom, that for many years has been an afterthought when it comes to design.

but don’t stick with boring, neutral tile. make it exciting—and stylish—and they’ll learn to love bath time. who knows, maybe they’ll even start to love brushing their teeth.

go all-in on a single color

have conviction. go all-in, but you could do it with subtlety—bringing together shades and tones that create a fun—but still very sophisticated—vibe.

cement hex in mocha. design lourdes hernandez / photo: deasy penner podley

or go for strong contrasts

bring on the color! strong contrasting tones, glossy textures, and unexpected pairings make for cheerful bathrooms.

zellige 2×2 squares in indian saffron. design: sally breer / photo: meghan mcneer

zellige 2×2 squares in secret lagoon (shower) cement hex clip in mocha/barn (floor). design studio diy / photo: jeff mindell

take a graphic stance…

create a graphic statement with classic subway tile (with contrasting grout to set it off) and a boldly patterned cement on the floor.

star bright cement square (floor) 3×6 subway tile (wall). design: aubrey veva design / photo: travis j. photography

…or a more organic, earthy one

for that nature-lover in the house. bonus: it’s a sophisticated, timeless look.

forage terrazzo in 24×24 white. design hive la home / photo: amy bartlam

embrace pattern

go full-in on pattern and use fixtures as accent pieces for the tile.

and when in doubt:

go with a grown-up feel with classic elevated marble—but add a dash of whimsy and flair with accessories. 

clé carrara 12×24. design: denisa gilligan / photo: margaret trajic

a word to the wise: while tile is durable and hard-wearing, it does take maintenance so be sure to refer to the resource guides available on every product page.