where to install cement tiles

by clé tile | published: Apr 21, 2021

(left) cement oh joy! pinwheel hex in pool, ice + bay. design: Traction Architecture / photo: Seamus Payne, (center) cement slant in black + white. design: Christina Higham, photo: Vivian Johnson, (right) cement erica tanov jacobsen in plaster + black. design: Dorothy Day

where can i install cement tiles?

is your installation for interior floors and walls? or exterior floors or walls? one of the most frequently asked questions when considering cement tiles is “where can i use them?” the easy answer is – virtually everywhere! to be more clear, cement tiles are just as ideal for kitchens and fireplace surrounds as they are for the veranda or patio however there are a few caveats, particularly with outdoor tile.

cement tiles can be used on:

  • interior floors
  • exterior floors
  • interior floors warmed with radiant heat
  • interior walls
  • exterior walls
  • showers
  • steam showers
  • residential heavy traffic
  • commercial light traffic
  • sink backsplashes
  • stove backsplashes
  • fireplace surrounds


freeze/thaw locations. exterior use is for non-freeze/thaw locations, only.using cement in your non-freeze/thaw area outside may be possible if your installer:

  • installs the tiles above grade (please refer to our cement tile resource guide linked here which covers freeze/thaw considerations and recommended sealants and grout.)
  • uses laticrete impregnator pro sealant: note that cement tiles are not freeze/thaw rated, however, they can have resistance to freeze/thaw issues for a very long time with laticrete sealant.

installations near hot surfaces. if installing near something very hot like a pizza oven (on a wall or backsplash) there must be at least a 6″ space between the tile and oven.

sun exposed installations: please note that all colors will fade in direct sunlight over time. black, dark blue, purple and green colors will fade faster than other colors.

cement arc in federal blue + white. design: abbie naber / photo: jennifer siegwart

are cement tiles good for the kitchen floor?

as far as cement and durability, it is a very popular tile for kitchen floors. many of our clients have used cement tiles for their kitchen floors and as long as the tiles are sealed during installation and maintained and cleaned with neutral ph cleaners (no acids) they will last generations.

cement compass in white + black. design: House of Jade Interiors / photo: Travis J. Richardson

cement solid in mocha rectangle. design: City Home Collective / photo: Kerri Fukui

can i use cement tiles in the shower?

yes, for more information on tile for your shower floor, we recommend this article.

cement alhambra in federal blue, white + nautical blue. design: ruthi daugherty / photo: sterling reed

are cement tiles good for commercial spaces or high traffic areas?

cement tiles are absolutely suitable for high traffic areas – and as long as they are installed and maintained properly they will last for many years!

for any further questions, please refer to our cement material guidelines.