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mochi white

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a clé heritage tile

clé heritage are artisan tiles that carry the mark of a skilled artisan with each tile embodying variation in tone and surface. these tiles are to be treasured for their hand hewn quality and require a skilled installer.

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romance in terracotta

sometimes, you want your walls and floors to whisper but you don’t want them to just sit there, either: you want them to glow, to have some personality, some life. you need a not-so-basic white. eastern elements mochi is a silky white color: not a pure white but one that is tinged with various delicate shades pink, blue, green, and gray to give it a translucent creaminess.

why we love eastern elements

clé’s eastern elements collection features three unique glazes on the white spectrum: mochi, rice paper and robin’s egg. mochi falls on the creamier end of the spectrum with only very subtle variations in surface and texture, rice paper reflects more pinkish blue tones with surface dimpling, occasional large and small iron spots, and cracks and crazing while robin’s egg features plenty of variation with iron spots, surface texture and tones that hue more blue.

clé has a long held devotion to terracotta

a humble clay, traditional terracotta requires few alterations and in its best form goes almost straight from the earth into the fire. clé’s eastern elements is a celebration of this process. unlike its cousin, eastern earthenware, eastern elements is fired in a gas kiln which gives it greater uniformity in tone, size, and texture. but it still has some character-ful imperfections that make it the ideal tile when you’re looking for a compelling personality that’s not too unruly.

product specifications

technical specifications

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non freeze thaw resistant

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radiant heating compatible

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UV resistant

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heat resistant

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interior wall

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fireplace surround

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shower floor + wall

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level 1: will occur

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Pieces per sqft
12 pcs/sqft

Weight per sqft
5.04 lbs

Pieces per box
66 pcs/box

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