foundry flats - forge 2.5"x8" sawdust

  • cle-tile-foundry-flats-forge-thin-brick-sawdust
  • cle-tile-foundry-flats-forge-thin-brick-sawdust
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foundry flats - forge 2.5"x8" sawdust

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each piece of the FORGE line has been manufactured with an artisan approach. manipulated at different stages in production, the textural surfaces create a visceral experience and raku-industrial finish.

with tones of oak-tanned leather, dusted with chalk, sawdust will warm any project with a contrasting patina that demands attention, even while offering the subtlest of hues.

looking for corner pieces? find the corresponding tile here

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about this collection

we scoured the country looking for a thin brick and discovered these foundry flats at a family-run business with a long history of working with clay.
sourced from materials located within 25 miles of the factory, the flats are solidly made with a body that reflects a color palette that is both modern and enduring.
made from clay and water, foundry flats are a classic american, affordable, and recyclable product offered in an array of earthy hues ranging from a sooty, volcanic black to a mineral-flecked shade of honey.


floor, wall, kitchen, backsplash, shower floor, shower wall, freeze/thaw, fireplace, exterior wall, exterior floor, hospitality, commercial, residential