the alluring alchemy of eastern earthenware

by clé tile | published: Dec 07, 2018

unlike the uniform glazes of tiles fired in gas or electric kilns, eastern earthenware is heralded for its variation in color, shade and surface texture. its exquisite surface is the result of wood-firing where everything from the fusion of the glazes with the clay, placement in the kiln, the dispersion of ash, to the seasons and weather all serve to create an alchemy that transforms each tile.

eastern earthenware is created in vietnam by a small, family-run business that has been making tile for several generations in hand-built kilns. every kiln load is its own story, a snapshot of a moment in time. no one tile is the same and while some batches display a diverse range of hues others may show less variation.

please note that when you order a sample of this tile, you will receive two tiles to highlight the natural variation of this product. we photograph every new kiln load of tile with samples pulled from that selection to give you a feel of what is offered. we consider each batch a limited edition offering.