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freeze/thaw - a guide to our frost-resistant tiles


if you are thinking of using tile outdoors you will want to check the temperature. depending on where you live, your location will determine the suitability of a tile. just like plants, not all tiles are frost hardy, in fact, many are not. why? if a tile absorbs too much moisture and the temperature drops, the water can freeze and in doing so expand. this expansion can cause a tile to crack.

the following are a list of tiles we have tested and tag freeze/thaw…hardy enough to stand freezing temperature in outdoor installations:

outdoor friendly but not for floors:

to ensure the tile you are purchasing is freeze thaw rated, be sure to look for the snowflake icon at the top of each product page:

please note: most of our freeze thaw rated tiles are best supported with an application of sealant to further protect them against the elements. 

to ensure you understand the recommended applications of the tile you plan on purchasing and the installation processes, please be sure to review the usage section and resource guides listed on each product page.

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