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cle guild

a limited edition series of tiles produced in northern california 

like any good start up, clé began in a garage. the idea of selling tile online without a showroom presence was seen as an audacious move at the time, but clé founder deborah osburn made her vision - working with tile artisans from around the world and selling their work online - a reality.

fast forward seven years and clé has founded a studio with a soaring tile showroom and set up its own tile making guild, housed in what was once a mid-century sears repair center and warehouse in san rafael, california. 

developing and producing our own signature tile was never in the plans but when we were unable to find a hand-glazed thin brick with the rich lustrous glazes we were seeking, we found ourselves creating a guild to make our own tile. the guild features a state-of-the-art blaauw kiln and is headed up by local ceramicist eric vandermolen. 

our first foray into making our own tile is the clé guild fundamentals line featuring basic colors with rich glazes.