glamour meets opulence with the clé lapidary stone collection

by clé tile | published: Jan 03, 2023

glamour meets opulence with the clé lapidary collection, a heady homage to Italian architecture and design inspired by Milan of the 1970s.

lapidary: the art of cutting gems. in this case, the gems in question are a collection of ten stone and marbles we revere, including travertine, limestone, carrara, verde marble, and calacatta. we took chunks of stone and had them cut and sculpted into shapes to create three outstanding series of gem-like tiles that are both cultivated and worldly.

sculpted shapes

composed of two versions–cabochon’s long linear, curved convex surface and etui’s sculpted concave shape–these tiles are available in both long and short form. the seductively sculpted concave flutes and convex ridges of these tiles create an undulating surface that once installed are both classically deco and timeless. sculpted shape tiles pair well with other stone to create a maximalist note, or installed on their own, become a statement piece.

smooth-cut ovals

the smooth-cut ovals' series features two sizes: smaller, pill-shaped ovals in mounted mosaic form and larger elongated ovals that create a refined but elegantly unexpected surface for both floors and walls.

rough-cut mosaics

we created chunks of honed stone with irregular edges as our homage to one of clé’s favorite Italian architects, Carlo Scarpa. both sophisticated and raw in design, these mounted mosaics come in two different grout joint sizes: narrow and wide for two slightly different vibes. 

drawing on 1970's Milan, the clé lapidary collection offers a selection of both unique forms and color. with eight different shapes to choose from in the lapidary collection, the next question is which stone? 

we offer ten classic stones and marbles that range from the more conservative thassos–an ultra white marble with no veining, to verde–marble’s daringly deep, dark green with light green, to almost white veining.

in short, there’s a stone for everyone - see our offerings below:

  • white limestone
    an elegant, refined honed, creamy white stone with flecks of beige.
  • beige travertine
    a porous, beige stone featuring light, ivory cream veining. classic, neutral, versatile. 
  • thassos
    an ultra-white marble with no veining for creating a classic but modern feel.
  • carrara
    a classic Italian marble favored by architects and artists, this timeless white marble features subtle grey veining making it versatile and easy to blend. 
  • calacatta gold
    the legendary "empress" of the carrara stone family, this creamy white marble punctuated with veins of grey and gold creates a stately presence.
  • calacatta viola
    another supreme marble that hails from carrara, calacatta viola strikes an elaborate and wild presence with creamy white marble veined with dramatic streaks of magenta, green, purple and gold.
  • jade green
    an elevated green marble that features a sophisticated blend of dark and light green tones with grey and white veining for projects looking for a unique turn.
  • verde marble
    a deep, dark green marble featuring light green (to almost white) veining.
  • rojo alicante
    an earthy, bold rusty/red marble with scattered white / grey veining.
  • red travertine
    a rich red stone with extensive crystallization featuring flecks of orange and ivory veining.

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