introducing pavimenti from the clé cinema collection

by clé tile | published: Mar 15, 2022

once upon a time, if you’d said the words “cement tile” the image would have been of low-quality, mass-produced cement tiles, piled high, sold cheap. but clé’s deborah osburn knew it didn’t have to be that way.

the kind of cement she wanted to introduce to the market was the kind of cement tile favored by europeans: handcrafted artisan cement tile, where pigments were poured into molds by hand, producing colors of extraordinary vibrancy and designed to last decades, if not centuries.

with a tightly curated collection and meticulous attention to detail and quality, clé changed all that, transforming artisan cement tile from a marginal player to a high-quality design staple beloved by discriminating designers and homeowners alike.

but that was just our first act.

now it’s time to introduce the second: the cinema collection—a fresh exploration of the possibilities of cement.

our opening chapter is pavimenti: a collection of large-format classic shapes rarely seen in cement.these “ballroom”-sized tiles are inspired by the classic floors of grand venetian palazzi, but have a crisp, modern, tailored feel courtesy of our artisan cement.

pavimenti includes two sizes of magic lantern and three bundles: casablanca star + cross, paradiso octagon + bouchon, sofia circle + losange. pavimenti come in three classic in-stock colors—charcoal, flowerpot (an updated terracotta), and white—with the natural variegation inherent in our handcrafted cement, creating visual interest and a warm, lived-in feel.

pavimenti are versatile and practical, ideal for a wide variety of styles: perfect for grand, classic rooms or eclectic bohemian spaces, they also add a warmth to more buttoned-up, streamlined looks. think practical, but without sacrificing an iota of flair and romance.