mid-century mosaics installation blueprint

by clé tile | published: Feb 06, 2023

clé’s mid century mosaic bundle is a sophisticated, accessible, but unexpected take on the classic white tile installation. clean-lined, minimalist, and wrought in clé’s signature silky matte, lightly variegated white cement tile.

the bundle includes 4x4 squares and 4x8 rectangles which you can use to create a look that’s as home in the city as in the country.

mid-century mosaic bundle

while we can see a number of ways in which you can lay, we thought we’d provide you with our favorite. 

mid-century mosaic bundle

  • purchase one bundle of mid century mosaic, which includes one 24 piece box of solid white 4x8 rectangles, and one 48 piece box of solid white 4x4 squares.
  • out of the 72 pieces, you will be able to make three 24 piece groupings, each including 8 rectangles and 16 squares.
  • arrange the 24 piece groupings into the below configuration which can be mirrored or flipped top to bottom in order to create a random look within your layout.
  • we recommend a 1/16”-1/8” grout joint to achieve the desired look.
  • one bundle (72 pieces) or three 24 piece groupings will cover approximately 10.5 square feet when a 1/16”-1/8” grout joint is used.

note: your actual install should be adjusted from our recommended layout as needed.

as always, we strongly recommend working with a professional installer who has experience in working with hand crafted (and variegated) cement tile–and to make sure to lay out the tile on the floor in advance and to blend your tile to create the look you want.