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tile style: clé + fashion

tile + fashion? the unusual coupling is not as bizarre as you might think; in fact, it was how clé was born.

clé founder deborah osburn has been a lifelong fashion devotee, channeling that passion into several tile businesses and the successful blog "tile envy" in 2006, creating a portal to illustrate the links between home design with the runways of the great houses. 

"i believe the adage that clothes make the man (or woman), and as far as I’m concerned, tiles make the home," she declared, using "tile envy" to draw a direct line between glossy magazines and couture boutiques to her inspirations for tile color, texture and pattern. osburn's tile style posts paired the seasons' latest looks - from prada to dries van noten to MARNI - with current tile designs from across the industry, demonstrating her undeniable observation. 

clé was launched a few years later, with a mission to transform the tile world in a way only seen in clothing design. "how come in the tile industry we have to bow down to mediocrity and drab colors? why not dress our walls as wild and fabulously colorful as miuccia prada dresses her clients? it's time for a revolution!" the revolution continues, and at clé, it's become part of the DNA of our design and approach to production. we want to celebrate it with you.



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