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#tileblueprint: mondrian slate floor

designer dee murphy made a splash when she posted images of her recently renovated kitchen. it was her slate floor - planks of slate arranged in a patternless pattern - that got the most attention. 
we dub the pattern "mondrian", after artist piet mondrian whose iconic paintings featured the simplest of rectilinear forms - squares and rectangles -- fit together along their vertical and horizontal lines. together, they fill a space to make up one larger, linear shape.
how to get the look for yourself? follow this #tileblueprint, we break down how to get the same look in three simple steps:
    1. select clé slate in multiple sizes
    2. create a pattern with the various shapes, or place planks randomly
    3. finish the look with charcoal unglazed tile grout
if the process still seems daunting, we've got a visual aid. taking a mixed bundle of 4 sizes of our slate tile, we have created a sample layout for a 5' x 8' room. there are numerous ways to piece this puzzle together using basic math and some gridline paper, but however you choose, the look will be your own.


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