the alluring alchemy of eastern earthenware.

clé’s eastern earthenware is a celebration of the power of fire and clay and the primal transformation that occurs when the two combine. unlike the uniform glazes of tiles fired in gas or electric kilns, eastern earthenware is heralded for its variation in color, shade and exquisite surface texture. this is the result of wood-firing where everything from the fusion of the glazes with the clay, placement in the kiln, the dispersion of ash, to the seasons and weather all serve to create an alchemy that transforms each tile into a work of art.

unlike the rest of our tile, this unique offering is sold by the kiln load. what this means:

limited kiln loads:
each kiln load is given a lot number. once sold out the lot will be gone until a new kiln load arrives. color selections will vary depending on what the studio produces.

no sampling:
since there is a time lag between sampling and purchase we cannot guarantee that you will be able to purchase from the same kiln batch which makes sampling redundant. also since each firing produces a wide degree of variation, we cannot show the breadth of variation. instead, with each kiln load we will take new photos showing the variation that exists and provide a detailed description.

no specifications or made to order:
this is a tile created in a small hand-crafted production facility. as such it cannot be specified for projects as we cannot guarantee a specific color or a timely delivery (we recommend specifying zellige for design projects).

to be notified of clé kiln arrivals please sign up for our email and we will let you know 24 hours ahead of availability on the web site.

introducing the clé kiln: limited batch eastern earthenware

rice paper 4"x4"x3/8

rice paper 4"x4"x3/8


rice paper 2"x6"x3/8"

rice paper 2"x6"x3/8"


glazes from previous kiln loads: