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cle notes — floor installation

#tileblueprint: mondrian slate floor

Designer Dee Murphy made a splash when she posted images of her renovated kitchen. It was her slate floor - planks of slate arranged in a patternless pattern - that got the most attention. We dub the pattern "mondrian", after artist piet mondrian whose iconic paintings featured the simplest of rectilinear forms -...

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where to install cement tiles

(left) design: Traction Architecture / photo: Seamus Payne, (center) design: Christina Higham, photo: Vivian Johnson, (right) design: Dorothy Day   WHERE CAN I INSTALL CEMENT TILES? Is your installation for interior floors and walls? or exterior floors or walls? One of the most frequently asked questions when considering cement tiles is “where...

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brick tile: patterns to ponder

classic brick is a timeless style and shape, and clé's lines of thin brick offer more options than ever. we have removed the traditional heft and weight of traditional brick and created several lines of thin brick tiles that are modern and durable. whether you choose the rustic simplicity of our foundry flats, the glossy...

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