meet our most elevated marbles

by clé tile | published: Sep 29, 2022

tthere are everyday marbles. think carrara. and then there’s calacatta gold and calacatta viola.

these venerable varieties of the marble world may partially share a name and have the same roots (the apuan mountains in carrara, italy), but they read as wildly different.

it’s time to meet these two remarkable stones, the latest (and most elevated) members of our stone and marble collections.

clé calacatta gold: the gold standard

calacatta gold is aptly named: it’s the gold standard of marble. our honed calacatta gold is a rich white stone with deep, dramatic veins of grey and ribbons of gold. stately yet serene, it’s marble with the midas touch.

clé calacatta viola: the wild cousin

calacatta viola, on the other hand, is equally elevated, but is the wilder sibling. it’s decadent, glamorous, bold, and completely unrestrained. running the gamut from wild to slightly tamer, clé calacatta viola is a lush white marble with veins of magenta, green, purple, and gold. this maximalist’s dream is a vibrant visual.

the versatility—and accessibility—of marble tile

traditionally available in slabs, our calacattas come in tile form. why tile? while there’s nothing quite like a sumptuous slab, tile offers several advantages over slabs.

for one thing, it’s less costly, meaning you can bring in the luxury of calacatta gold and viola for less than you otherwise might. and unlike most slabs, which come polished with a high sheen, our tiles are honed giving them a more rarefied look.

in addition to the various sizes of tile we offer, we have created our calcattas in mosaic forms (penny rounds, hexes, and herringbones) that create a whole new look with this stone further expanding design options.

note: if you’re looking to create that luxurious slab “feel” you can always choose one of our larger size formats, such as 12″ x 24″ or even 24″ x 24″ (calacatta gold only).

but the tile format allows you to take your design beyond the confines of the slab.

calacatta in a tile format unlocks more design options and lets you put it in places where it may be physically infeasible to install a large, heavy slab.

the tile format also allows for more design options with veining, whether you choose to go heavy with veining on one end then move to more of the white or just stick to more consistent veining. either way, laying out your calacatta ahead of installation will be integral to the design. the more prominent veining in clé calacatta gold and clé calacatta viola lend themselves particularly well to more creative expression.

magnificent marble

clé calacatta gold and clé calacatta viola aren’t just about their good looks.

what they stand for is at least as important: the way they connect us with the primal, crushing tectonic forces that made the earth: every vein, speck, or tiny fossil is a celebration of that connection. and every piece is unique.

and when it comes to culture and civilization—where would we be without marble? its timeless durability—and its essential aesthetic characteristics—are responsible for what we think of as “civilization”, whether it’s the majesty of the taj mahal and hagia sophia and the parthenon or more intimately, the work of michelangelo.

adding to calacatta’s particular allure: its relative rarity. each part of the mountain will have different concentrations of minerals that give calacatta gold and calacatta viola their distinctive veining. as works of nature, calacatta gold and calacatta viola are quarried wherever and whenever they’re encountered and aren’t always available or in robust supply: it’s what makes them so rare, remarkable–and cherished.

all the variations of veining that come with clé calacatta viola and clé calaccatta gold in tile form

bring a piece of marble into your home and you’re also bringing the power of nature and history and human creativity into your world. it’s bigger than your floor, your wall, your backsplash, your kicksplash. much bigger.