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cement - cleaning + maintenance


Over time, a natural patina will occur on floors as they are maintained and naturally wear. A mild, pH neutral soap (such as Meyers) should be sufficient for most cleaning—test before general use. Here’s a guideline:

  • Clean the surface using soft materials, like a cloth, instead of coarse materials. 
  • Always avoid harsh chemicals and acidic or alkaline cleaning products. 
  • Grout lines can be cleaned with warm water and a soft bristled cleaning brush. 
  • Immediately clean up spills—do not allow liquids to sit on the tile surface. 
  • Most stains can be removed with a pH neutral dish soap, hot water and the scrub side of a sponge.
  • Topical sealants will require periodic stripping and re-application of sealant— please refer to a professional for this. 
  • Single coat reapplication of the penetrating sealant is required once a year in shower applications due to the continuous exposure to water. Reapplication is needed more often if installation is in a steam shower. Please refer to a professional for this.
  • Cement tiles can be refinished just like hardwood or stone floors - see our restoration guide.



Still not sure? Please see this cement tile installation video and share with your installer.



For any further questions, please refer to our cement Installation and Maintenance Guide.


For installation imagery check out our cement pinterest boards.

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