in the green

by clé tile | published: Dec 10, 2021

(left) cindered olive bejmat zellige, design: ADG Architectecture + Design / photo: michael wiltbank + ivan halper; (right) cement 4×4 square in leaf, design: Emily Farnham Architecture / photo: Yoshihiro Makino for Domino Magazine

At clé, we have a deep affection for the color green. In fact, we think it is one of the more expressive of colors, stretching far beyond its association with all things natural.

We love its duality. Afterall, how many colors can evoke renewal and sickness? Or war and peace (camouflage and the olive branch)? Patrician and ingenue? Equanimity and jealousy (the ‘green-eyed monster’). If you’re curious about this shapeshifter of a color, take a dive into its history and associations.

Here’s our take on some of our winning greens–yours for the picking.

on the left, a kitchen backsplash with clé tile eastern earthenware bejmat tiles in rough jade. on the right, a new california tile in salvia.
(left) eastern earthenware in rough jade, design + photo: Celine Ord; (right) clé New California Glazed Brick in Salvia

: when you need–literally–to ground your space

Modern Farmhouse Brick Deep Green Gloss

clé Guild New California Salvia

Eastern Earthenware Forest Floor

on the left, a tiled wall featuring clé zellige squares in tea ceremony. on the right, a bathroom floor with clé tile solid cement rectangles in basil.
(left) tea ceremony bejmat zellige, design: Omgivning / photo: Bethany Nauert; (right) cement 2×8 rectangle in basil, design: JR Corleto / photo: Virtually Here Studios

Soft: when you yearn for a cool, zen feel with fresh appeal

Eastern Earthenware Dragon Bay

Basil Cement

Tea Ceremony Zellige

Watermark Kelly’s Cove: Wash

Watermark Jetty: Dip and Wash

Watermark – Gold Verdigris

Watermark Kelly’s Cove: Stroke

Watermark Jetty: Stroke

on the left, clé tile eastern elements tiles in koi pond. on the right, eastern elements tile in sacred river.
(left) eastern elements in koi pond; (right) eastern elements in sacred river, design: Roy Hospitality Group / photo: Lauren Edith Andersen

for a hit of rich color

Kelly Cement

Fallen Citrus Zellige

Forgotten Turquoise Zellige

Eastern Earthenware Koi Pond

Fornace brioni | glazed ceramic tivoli (bundle) with Forest Green

Fired Opal zellige

a bathroom backsplash featuring clé tile malachite tiles.
(above) malachite

to strike a grown up, considered, characterful tone

Leaf Cement

Cindered Olive Zellige

Secret Lagoon Zellige

Watermark Kelly’s Cove: Stain, Dip

Watermark Jetty: Stain


Fornace Brioni + Cristina Celestino Mint Rocaille

on the left, a close-up image of clé tile patterned cement hexes in hex clip in kelly green and white. on the right, clé tile patterned cement squares in big spin in kelly green and leaf.
a collection of clé tile zellige and cement tiles in a range of green hues.